I teach moral and political philosophy at Leiden University where I hold a lectureship. My research focus is on political morality, I am interested in what people living together -in a country, at a particular time, on our planet – owe to each other. I am particularly interest in what can be asked of whom in less then ideal circumstances, and who has to pick up the bill for trying to make the world more just. I do this by thinking about questions in global justice, intergenerational justice and sustainability, as well as  in my work on international criminal courts. Often I approach these questions by thinking about challenges around justice in procreation.  I approach questions of political morality from a broadly liberal egalitarian perspective. As a side project, I am interested in foundational questions in moral philosophy like the grounding of equal moral status and the unity/plurality of value.

Before taking up my position in Leiden, I did my PhD at the Hoover Chair for economic and social ethics at the University of Louvain (Belgium) under the supervision of Axel Gosseries. During my PhD research I visited Oxford University, Aarhus University and Utrecht University. I have an MA degree in Philosophy (Leiden, 2011) and a MSc in Political Science (UvA, 2010). My master-thesis in political science was awarded the JC baakprice in 2011.

I am the coordinator (with Eric Boot) of the OZSW study group political philosophy, and I am a member of the international network for Family Ethics. I am an affiliate member of the Hoover Chair for economic and social ethics, and a member of the Centre for Political Philosophy at Leiden University.

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